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"I'm not an outside girl". These are the words I would repeat to my mom growing up when she talked about working in the garden. Honestly getting dirty, sweating and manual labor just weren't appealing when I was in high school.

My mom's beautiful pond & garden  in her backyard
  I also have to say that I can't keep house plants alive. Even after gardening success outside I still kill anything green inside! The conclusion is that I can't keep plants alive when I am in control. But with God in control and me just assisting everything thrives! The same is true in my day to day life. It's a process for a type A personality to let go, but it's a very freeing experience when you realize you can trust God.
Along the way something happened to change my view on not being an outside girl.  I got married to an amazing man, we bought a house and had a baby.  Somewhere in the midst of all that I grew to love being outside & playing in the dirt.  It also helped that we discovered it was something we loved as a family.

My husband and I both need a creative outlet outside and we found that we were able to dream, design together and grow as a family working in the garden.  We work as a team on the details:

I am the researcher...spending the winter reading up on new ideas, plants, organic gardening, composting and more. I analyze the data, take notes and communicate my findings.  I also plan the plant layout for the year and think of ways to add a few beautiful design elements.

My husband is the engineer and builder. He takes the idea and makes it happen learning from the past years and making sure things stand the test of time.  He is very focused on doing things the right way.  He always builds things better than I designed them!!

We share the responsibility of watering, harvesting and general upkeep and we leave control of the year and outcome up to God.

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