D.I.Y. Birdbath Restoration

 This project has been on my list to complete for the past year!  I have (2) identical birdbaths that were passed down to me from my mom.  Over the last couple of years they have started to look worn and the finish has started chipping.  Birdbaths can be expensive to purchase and I always like to find new ways to restore something to make it appear new. 
Birdbath showing signs of wear
I came up with this simple cost effective solution ($11.97 to restore both birdbaths) and I am very happy with the results!  You can do the same thing and have a one of a kind design! 

Old birdbath(s)
$3.99 Plastic decorative plate (Odd Lots)
$1.99 ArtMinds Mosaic Glass Gems Item# 10184894
$5.99 ArtMinds Stepping Stone Mix (Item# 10017741)*
*this mix will make (2) 9" stepping stones so it was perfect for (2) birdbaths.  If you are only making (1) just purchase a kit for one stone. 
STEP 1: Start with an idea of the design you want to make with the plate and stones you have. You will have about 20 minutes after you add water and mix the stepping stone powder before the mixture starts to get harder to work with.  
STEP 2: Get an old bucket or something you don't mind mixing in.  Pour the powder in the bucket and add the amount of water in the instructions.  
STEP 3: Mix in the water until the mixture is thick but not runny.  It will look something like the picture below. 
STEP 4: Lump it on top of the birdbath and then smooth it out almost like cake frosting.  (Don't worry about it being perfectly smooth.....you are pressing stones in it anyway! 

 STEP 5: Add your plate in the middle and press down.  Then add your stones in the pattern that you desire.  Make sure to press the stones at least half way into the mixture so they stay when it dries. 

STEP 6: Allow the birdbath to dry for at least a couple of days before moving to its final location.  Enjoy your personalized work of art! 


  1. I don't have the initial bird bathe - but love what you've done!

  2. What can be done to rejuvenate my concrete? ducks?

  3. I love your project so much, I'm going to try it today! Thank you.

  4. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing the steps.

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