Texas Garden Tour #1

Unique. Creative. Beautiful.

That is how I view other people's gardens.  I love to see how someone else has tailored their yard, land, or space to make something grow.  

I find that I learn so much from "visually" seeing different ways of doing something.  I believe there are many other people out there that learn this way also, so I have decided to randomly select some gardens to tour (of friends and families we know) throughout the year.  Maybe this will spur you on to a new concept or simply show you that there are a vast amount of ways to garden!  

Along the way remember that your garden doesn't need to "look" one certain way or follow certain steps to be successful.  You learn as you go.  The key is to start a garden in order to gain experience and then keep at it to develop and have success. 

Last year we were able to see my Uncle's garden in Texas and I was amazed!  At the time were still newbies to the idea of raised beds and we had just installed 2 of our own beds back home.  Imagine my shock when the  I discovered the "small garden" my Uncle had consisted of 8 raised beds!  Not to mention the fruit he had growing along his fence line.

He took me on a tour and I felt like a child asking what everything was.  The thing that astonished me the most was the variety of plants that he was growing.  He had carrots, onions, potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, asparagus, radishes, basil, lavender, cilantro, strawberries, grapes, blueberries, and black berries.   Enjoy the pictures below!
Green Peppers
Banana Peppers

Lavender & Basil
Cilantro, Basil (both purple & green)
Bed of Strawberries with Asparagus plant
Red Skin & Yukon Gold Potatoes
Yukon Gold Potatoes & Cucumber
4 varieties of Grapes growing on fence
Hope ya'll enjoyed the first Garden Tour!  More to come.

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