How to Attract Birds

I walked out to the garden tonight and was able to get close to the Yellow Finches that were picking away at the Italian Sunflowers! So beautiful.  They are acrobatic hanging upside down and eating sunflowers (their favorite).

Birds are an important part of a healthy garden.  They eat insects that are pests and simply need: shelter, cover, water and food.  You can add elements to your garden to make sure you have your own bird haven.
American Goldfinches- Female (left) Male (right)
This year we cleared out the back right corner of our yard and added a small flower bed (on the far right of the picture below).
Garden on July 28th
The new addition of the small flower bed has been the perfect solution to an unsightly area.  It also allowed us to create an environment to attract birds.  We moved one of our birdbaths to this location and also added a small birdhouse. This corner is also shaded so it provides an escape from the heat of the garden.
Birdhouse & Birdbath- under the tree in the shade
UPDATE ON RAISED BEDS IN GARDEN: The pictures below show the progress in the garden.  Around mid-August the garden will be close to final production.  However, right now things are still growing!
BED #1- Parsley, Asparagus & Summer Squash
BED #2- Zucchini, Onions, Tomatoes, & Okra (removed Cucumber vines today due to disease)
CENTER BED: Herbs, Marigolds, Tomato & Peppers
BED #3- Zucchini, Green Beans, Peppers & Cucumbers (removed Cucumber vines today due to disease)
BED #4- Pumpkins, Onions & Summer Squash (previously had lettuce)

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